Timber materials

TimberStruct comes with extensive timber materials, including all commercial Gluelam types and most Structural timber types.
A dedicated modules allows users to create new materials and modify existing ones, without limitations.
All new materials, besides being stored for future uses, are embedded on the job's file, if used inside it, allowing to transmit job's files between users without need of separate library sharing.
Al used materials inside a jobs are printed along with their characteristics on final report.


As for timber materials, a complete and extensible steel materials library is included with TimberStruct, to be used in joint and reinforcements calculaions. .
Also this library is easily extensible by the user with a dedicated module of TimberStruct.


Working in a globalized world, and with the harmonized Community Rules given by Eurocodes, it has become a must for the Engineer to handle different National Rules' small differences.
Eurocodes, giving an harmonized ruleset for all EU, allow single Countries to define some sets of factors and details; these details are collected inside National Annexes, the DAN..
TimberStruct provides libraries for National Annexes for some Countries, which can be extended by users.
A dedicated module allows user to change any parameter of each National Annex and/or to define new sets of rules.
Each National Annex contains also a dedicated text pages for Rules references, which will be printed at the beginning of final report.