Integrated word processor

TimberStruct embeds a complete text processing module, with most of the features of well known commercial word processors.
This module allows formatting of notes related to calculations, which will be included in final printout.
All typical format features are included, like bold, underline, italic, embedding images inside text, paragraph alignments, tables.
It's also possible to import files in RTF format, produced with any other application; this makes possible the inclusion of calculation tables coming from finite element's applications, descriptions and others.
With the embedded word processor all job calculations can be kept in a single document which can always be updated; there's no need to keep different documents in various formats on disk anymore, having to re-collect each single page in order to print the final report after a single page change.

Load analysis

TimberStruct embeds a load analysis module following Italian Rules.
This module allows insertion of permanent loads, snow, wind and other kinds of loads.
Snow and wind loads are calculated automatically basing on geographical zone and other parameters. Modules for load's analysis in other countries are foreseen and under preparation.

Seismic response spectra

The Seismic response spectrum module allows a quick calculation of seismic response spectrum points based on geographical coordinates of site. By now the included module handle Italy Country; other modules are foreseen.
The module embeds a complete archive of all Italian Cities with seismic datas.
Ii is also possible to localize the site by geographical coordinates obtained from, for example, Google Maps or a GPS navigator.
Seismic data present in TimberStruct includes the whole Italy and major and minor islands.
TimberStruct can compute both horizontal and vertical response spectra, for all the 4 Limit States present into Eurocodes: SLO, SLD, SLV e SLC.