Timber structures design

Adoption of Eurocodes inside European Community has brought an harmonic set of Rules for all Community countries, allowing Engineers of any country to work on projects inside all EU with ease.
Timber Engineers had to switch from lots of Country Rules sets to EuroCodes.
In particular, Eurocodes, based on a complex set of Rules and on Limit States design, impose a challenge to designers which used to work on old Rules sets; new Rules are more complete than before, but also more complex and almost impossible to handle by hand calculations or with former applications, requiring so new more or less complicated tools.
Most commercial applications available today don't fit very well on timber calculation, due to peculiar problems not common to other materials like concrete or steel, like material anisotropy and problems related to elements' connections.
With Timberstruct we've tried to build a complete tool for timber design which could be also easy to master and with a well-looking report output, collecting our experiences in the field gathered in more than 20 years.

A single application from pre-design phase to final reports.

The principal target of TimberStruct was to have an accurate tool of easy usage in pre-planning phases, but able to keep full control of all design details.
In data input phase, for all supported elements is present a quick overview panel which shows at glance and in real time success or failure of current element's calculation.
In this panel real-time quick results are shown in term of percent of material usage, colored in red if the design passed resistance of materials, green if design is succesful. The % given allows the Engineer to reach the limit of materials without having to read pages over pages of printouts.
Any error in input data is also handled by overview pane, allowing designer to correct it immediately.
At each instant it is possible to switch to a preview printout that shows calculation phases and results in all details, as they'll appear on final report.